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PLC “MEGA”, Islandijos pl. 32 Kaunas 47446,
Kauno apskrities specialioji mokykla, Apuolės g.11 Kaunas 48303,
Liepojos g. 216 Klaipėda 92330
tel. +37064270589
Millions of people need massage therapy and H2Omassage.
You have found your business solution.
Enjoy unlimited earning potencial giving your clients the best that the massage industry has to offer.

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We have an obligation to our customers to ensure that we keep on providing the best dry hydro massage bed systems, best pricing and the best support.
To meet our goals, we were required to build a completely new hydro massage bed system tailored to your needs. One that we could deliver on time and one that we could fully support.

H2O Massage is the leader in the World Spa industry and has been an exhibitor at the American Spa Expo for over four years. H20 Massage has award winning products worldwide.

  • H2O massage reduces stress & nervous tension
  • H2O massage invaluable relief from pain
  • H2O massage relief from muscle spasms
  • H2O massage reduces fatigue
  • H2O massage enhanced recovery from pain
  • H2O massage improves general health
  • H2O massage lowers blood pressure
  • H2O massage reduces heart rate
  • H2O massage improves skin tone
  • H2O massage reduces tension, headaches